As noted previously my work is designed for a specific client and location using a variety of materials and finishes. As a result it is essential that there is always clear understanding between the client and myself about exactly what we are trying to achieve, when and at what cost. My approach is to divide the work into three stages.

The Design Specification

I produce a Design Specification in close co-operation with the client. This starts with design drawings (sometimes it is possible to superimpose design drawings onto a site photograph as shown here; first the design, then the design superimposed on a site photograph) which are discussed, refined and then agreed as the basis for production and installation.

The Design Specification defines all aspects of the work in detail. It covers not only the design but exact dimensions, material and finishes, the approach to installation together with timescales and costs.

The design process is frequently an open ended exercise. On these occasions I charge for my time on an hourly basis.


Once the Design Specification is agreed I build what has been designed, in my own forge. Costs will have been defined and agreed in the Design Specification. Some percentage of the production cost will be due in advance to cover materials, the remainder is due on completion of the work in my workshop.


After completion in the workshop the work will be installed on site. Installation costs are due either on delivery or completion of installation as defined by the Design Specification.

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